Community Input

Town West Companies is reaching out for your support to move Oro Valley’s future forward.

We are working on an amendment to the planned area development that is Oro Valley Marketplace to reimagine it into “Oro Valley Village Center”.

The current Oro Valley Marketplace retail center has been in transition due to changing market realties. The advent of online shopping has significantly affected “Big Box” retail centers in a negative way, not only in this area but nationwide. Other malls and large retailers across the United States, however, have been able to revitalize existing centers with a “retaildential” model – incorporating residential and hotel components with retail spaces to create a mixed use, destination entertainment center.

The Oro Valley Village Center project involves infilling the currently underutilized and undeveloped areas of the Oro Valley Marketplace with new and different uses to create an innovative village center that will allow more residents and visitors to live, work, stay, and play.

Town West Companies has been in the business of integrating into and advancing the interests of the neighborhoods and larger communities in which our properties are situated for the last 40 years – and this project is no exception. Please join us in voicing your support by signing and circulating our Support Document, found at the link below. You don’t have to be an Oro Valley resident to sign it! Please share the document link and/or print, circulate, and return the attached document.

Want to Know More?

If you’d like more information about the project check out the Oro Valley Village Center website:

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